Office of the Campus Veterinarian

Supporting WSU research and education

The Office of the Campus Veterinarian supports humane and ethical care and treatment of animals involved in research and education at WSU. The campus veterinarian has the authority to oversee all aspects of animal health and welfare.

24-Hour Emergency

Serving the research and teaching community

To advance scientific discovery and education, the Office provides a complete range of services.

Oversight and compliance

WSU’s animal care and use program is consistent with institutional, state, and federal laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Office of the Campus Veterinarian and IACUC

The Office of the Campus Veterinarian works closely with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and its administrative arm, the Animal Welfare Program. The collaborating units ensure that animals at WSU receive the best possible care by performing distinct, complementary functions:

  • The Office of the Campus Veterinarian focuses on animal health and welfare.
  • The IACUC reviews, approves, and oversees animal care and use at WSU, including all research and teaching protocols involving live vertebrate animals and cephalopods.

Together these units ensure that University activities involving animals comply with federal and state regulations and University policies.

Expert credentials

The attending veterinarian is board-certified in laboratory animal medicine. All veterinarians with the WSU Office of the Campus Veterinarian are licensed and accredited. They have considerable experience in animal health care and husbandry, as well as in use of animals in research and education.

University-wide oversight

The Office of the Campus Veterinarian oversees all research and teaching animals that are owned, housed, or used by the University statewide. See policy defining the authority of the attending veterinarian.