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Office of the Campus Veterinarian | Washington State University

Veterinary care & consultation

For the WSU research and teaching community

Campus Veterinary Services, a unit within the Office of the Campus Veterinarian, ensures that adequate veterinary care and pre- and post-procedural or surgical care are provided at all times, in accordance with current veterinary medical and nursing practices.

Veterinary services

  • Emergency care
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Rodent health monitoring for specific pathogen free colonies
  • Surgery
  • Medical treatment
  • Preventive medicine

Contact Campus Veterinary Services for rates and availability.


Campus Veterinary Services consults on matters related to animal care, including the following:

  • IACUC animal use protocol preparation
  • Animal models of human disease
  • Animal-related research techniques, including possible refinements
  • Anesthesia and analgesia
  • Environmental enrichment and social housing
  • Spontaneous and experimentally related animal diseases
  • Species-specific behaviors and characteristics

Contact Campus Veterinary Services for rates and availability.

Animal health information

Contact the Office of the Campus Veterinarian for information and guidance relative to the following:

  • Animal procedures
    • Assessment and treatment
    • Anesthesia and analgesia
    • Food and fluid regulation
    • Euthanasia
  • Medical records: Proper documentation of medical observations and treatments
  • Reference values: For interpretation of laboratory tests
  • Surgery: Process and policy
  • Preventive health care: Standard operating procedures dictate the type and frequency of care that must be provided to each species.

Animal and animal products import/export management 

Laws mandate that you meet specific requirements for the acquisition and transfer of animals used in research, testing, and teaching.

24-hour emergency

Spokane: 509-592-6884
All other campuses: 509-330-1871

Report animal care concerns