Anesthesia Vaporizer Rental

Anesthesia Vaporizer Rental (Rodent Only)

Anesthesia machines equipped with isoflurane vaporizers are available to rent on a daily basis for use in rodents. Rental Rates are based on a daily use. The machine, anesthesia circuit, induction box and F-air canister will be provided. The machine will come full with isoflurane and upon return the machine should be full. If the machine is not full, a charge for filling will be applied.

Requirements for Isoflurane machine rental are:

  • Isoflurane must be approved on your current IACUC approved ASAF
  • If the vaporizer will be used with an infectious disease project, OCV may choose to not rent the machine, or the PI will be required to purchase the anesthesia circuit for $200 from OCV or provide their own appropriate circuit.
  • You must be trained to use the Anesthesia machine prior to use.

Vaporizer rental must be requested through the Vaporizer Rental Form. If you are in in need of purchasing additional isoflurane, please use the Supply Request Form.