Urgent Notice: Standard Xylazine Concentration No Longer Available.

As of April 2023, standard concentration of xylazine (20 mg/ml-AnaSed) is no longer available.

This specific formulation was manufactured by a supplier (Akorn Pharmaceuticals) that has gone out of business and as such, the product has been discontinued. Currently, there are no other suppliers manufacturing a similar xylazine injectable product with a 20 mg/ml concentration.

Laboratories needing to order xylazine may purchase supplies using OCV’s Veterinary Supply Request Form, vendors such as MWI Animal Health or other suppliers. However, please be aware that the only xylazine formulation currently available for purchase is a 100 mg/ml concentration.

If your lab plans to stock this higher concentration, we suggest adding a warning label (see example below) to all new vials to ensure that personnel continue to adhere to appropriate dilutions and dosage requirements (Rodent Anesthesia and Analgesic Guidelines).

Adapted from Health Care Logistics

You may also consider switching to dexmedetomidine (dexdomitor), also available from OCVs Veterinary Supply Request Form, or other vendors such as MWI Animal Health. This drug is in the same therapeutic class, but has a different potency, duration and dose. All drugs must be listed on your IACUC-approved ASAF BEFORE administration to animals. Please reach out to the OCV veterinary staff at or.ocv.alert@wsu.edu if you have any questions about anesthesia options.

A $10 service fee will be applied to all OCV veterinary supply requests. For routine lab supplies, we advise that the research staff establish their own accounts directly with a distributer.

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